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Blumil i2

New product

Maximum speed

20 km/h

Curbs up to

8 cm


38 km


63 kg

Seat height

minimum 56 cm

Off road scale (2/3)

More details

$ 10,999.00

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Discover new places on Blumil i2

Blumil gives you genuine freedom.Blumil i2 offers long range of 38 kilometers (23,6 miles) with the possibility of moving on difficult surfaces: cobble stones, pavements, sand, forests and uneven terrain (uphill and downhill) in all weather conditions, even in mud and snow. There are versions available for regular – height users and tall users (minimum seat height is 56 cm – 22in). The parking mode handle can be installed for right – and left – handed users. Moving on Blumil is intuitive and does not require any special preparations. Compact size and easy folding allows easy transportin a medium – sized car.