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Maximum speed

20 km/h


11 cm


19 km


70 kg

Seat height

minimum 58 cm

Off road scale (3/3)

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$ 11,399.00

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Discover off road adventures with Blumil x2

Blumil gives you authentic freedom, independence and ability to go beyond limits in experiencing the world and discovering an adventurous lifestyle. Blumil x2 has been created especially for people that want to go into the wild and discover new places. The construction: two wide wheels make Blumil x2 perfect for long rides in mud, deep sand, on snow and icy surface, and on any type of uneven surface like forests or fields. It also moves easily in hills and mountains.

There are versions available for regular – height users and tall users (minimum seat height is 60 cm – 1,96 ft). The parking mode handle can be installed for right – and left – handed users. Moving on Blumil is intuitive and does not require any special preparations. Due to its wide wheels (89 cm/3ft) Blumil x2 can be transportedonly by a big car.