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Maximum speed

15 km/h

Curbs up to

5 cm


25 km


37,5 kg

Seat height

minimum 56 cm

Off road scale (1/3)

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$ 5,999.00

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Discover new opportunities thanks to unique technology of Blumil S3

The innovative technology of Blumil S3 allows you to experience genuine freedom and reach places, that were previously unattainable. A light construction makes it a perfect match for city use, in all weather conditions. This model is very agile and moves easily on all city surfaces, such as cobblestones, pavements, gravel and grass. It also goes uphill up to 25 degrees. There are two versions available: standard and large (minimum seat height is 55 cm - 22 in).

The parking mode handle can be installed for right – and left – handed users. Moving on Blumil is intuitive and does not require any special preparations. Compact size and easy folding allows easy transport in a medium – sized car.