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Maximum speed

15 km/h

Curbs up to

12 cm


30 km


49 kg

Seat height

minimum 65 cm

Off road scale (3/3)

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$ 6,999.00

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Experience ultimate freedom on Blumil S5

Blumil S5 can be used outdoors, indoors and off road, so it offers you unlimited freedom and independence. Its light construction, agility and compact size make it perfect for city. Big wheels allow it to easily move in sand, mud, snow and on uneven surfaces, like forests, fields and hills. Blumil S5 easily goes uphill, so it’s perfect for mountain trips. There are versions available for regular – height users and tall users (minimum seat height is 65 cm – 25 in). The parking mode handle can be installed for right – and left – handed users.

Moving on Blumil is intuitive and does not require any special preparations. Compact size and easy folding allows easy transport in a large car.